Our Whare Our Fale
Step 4: Ready to buy

You are now ready to buy an Our Whare Our Fale home and will be placed into the Our Whare Our Fale pool.

12 months before the build completion date, homes will be allocated to households.

If there are more households than there are homes available, a selection process will be carried out.

What is a Selection Process?

The Selection Process will be carried out by CPC where households will be selected based an agreed criteria using the multi-criteria analysis approach.

This ensures the process is fair for all involved.

What is the Selection Criteria?

The Selection Criteria is based in the characteristics of households Our Whare Our Fale is targeting. The criteria is:

• Connections to the “Porirua” community
           • Length of time living in the Porirua community
            • Family connections in the Porirua community
            • Social connections in the Porirua community

• Need and family composition
           •Family composition
            •Family need

• Household income

• Length of time in the project

Once homes are allocated we will support you on the next step: Settlement Day